The Rail Pass changes conveniently!

訪日外国人のお客様向けフリーパスがさらに便利になります。日本語版は、JR北海道からのプレスリリースをご確認願います。 こちら

The rail pass for foreign tourists visiting Japan, Hokkaido Rail Pass and other passes are getting even easier to use!

In order to provide customers with an even more seamless service, JR HOKKAIDO will introduce several new features for its rail passes, which will be application from April 2021.

One of the new convenient changes in SEKIHOKU Line, is reserving seats with the Reserved Seat Ticket Vending Machine at Abashiri, Kitami and Engaru stations. Check here for detailed English instructions on how to make seat reservations with the Reserved Seat Ticket Vending Machines.

Enjoy unlimited rides on JR Hokkaido trains within validity period!

Please refer to the following web site for the details. JR Hokkaido co.


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